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Peggy Beddall

Ensoulment Coach

Welcome! I am excited to partner with Christina Jonas Studios to collaborate on the Full Moon Art and Soul Sojourn Collection. Our mutual appreciation of Sister Moon and Mother Earth have woven our paths in a variety of ways. It's good energy. Dare I say, mystical!


I have had a love affair with the full moon since childhood! I have early memories of climbing into our mimosa tree and positioning myself to get as close to Sister Moon as possible, while her light filtered through the whimsical space of my favorite tree! Truly magical! As an adult, I have become connected to her cycles and the magic contained within each phase of her monthly journey. I can’t wait to explore each full moon with you this year and discover her wisdom together!


If you are interested in being supported in your journey of personal discovery, I am available as an ensoulment coach/spiritual director. As one who dances with trees and chases after the full moon, I enter into every session with a sense of interconnectedness to all people and find delight in the uniquely dynamic and creative relationship of your personal life journey! I consider it an honor to hold space for the sacred stories of your life and I’m committed to holy listening and serving as a witness to your lived experiences!

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