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Welcome to my site; so nice to have you!  I am a full time traveling artist originally from a small town in Missouri.  My intention with my artwork is to connect myself and you with the beauty and calm of the natural world.  In particular I love animals and how amazing and different each one is.  I thrive in the open space and peace of the outdoors.  I hope you find peace and joy in the works I create.  You will find most of my work is pastels, watercolor or photography, but I love to experiment with any medium I can find.  

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Art Takes Many Forms...

...and Christina Jonas Studio art can fit your form!

(see what we did there?)

We offer a variety of adult and youth apparel products that boldly display both the earthy and whimsical Christina Jonas creations. 


Full Moon

Art and Soul Sojourn Collection

One of my creation focuses this year is The Full Moon Art and Soul Sojourn Collection. It encompasses the energy of the beautiful Full Moon! Each month in 2023 we are compiling a package of goodness. This collaboration includes Artists, Reiki Masters, Yoga Teachers, Writers, and an Ensoulment Coach. Vivacious contributors that are sharing our varied gifts. I believe that the collective power of women, makes everyone's lives better.  We grow stronger and more sure of ourselves when we are lifted by each other.  You deserve that in your life. We all do.

Click the link to learn more about our contributors and the soul filling subscription. Experience the energy and inspiration of each months' Full Moon through Art, Soul, Body, Mind...and your own creativity!


Want to see more artwork of Christina Jonas? Visit the Gallery page. 

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