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Abstract Paint

Commission Pricing

Pastel and Watercolor Pricing
All commissions require a 25% deposit.  This is non-refundable after work has started.
All work is completed with Archival quality paper and pigments.  Packaged and shipped to ensure there is no damage to your artwork.


$95 plus shipping $7.50

3" x 4"

matted to 5" x 7"

These are delicate specialty gifts and personal favors to treat yourself.

The Square

$300 plus shipping $10

12' x 12"

matted to 16" by 16"

This is beautiful for pet portraits

and specialty pieces.  I personally use this size for much of my original work.


$195 plus shipping $7.50

6" x 8" 

matted to 8" x 10"

Lovely "not to small, not too big"

Just right.


$495 plus shipping TBD

18" x 24"

delivered unmatted

This is a larger piece worthy of 

a dream idea or subject.  Perfect for a special gift or memorial piece.


$295 plus shipping $7.50

9" x 12"

matted to 12" x 16"

The most popular size. 

This is a small statement piece, 

and still practical.

The Extra!

$650 plus delivery TBD

24" x 36

delivered unmatted

Now we're talking a true statement piece.  This will be an heirloom for your family

to cherish.


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