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Christina Jonas

Welcome to my page, so nice to have you here!  I am a full time traveling artist originally from a small town in Missouri.  I have been traveling full time with my husband, who everyone calls Jonas, and our adventure dog, Indie.  We live in a 34 ft vintage coach that Jonas lovingly restored and updated into a beautiful home.

My intention with my artwork is to connect myself and you with the beauty and calm of the natural world.  In particular I love animals and how amazing and different each one is.  I thrive in the open space and peace of the outdoors.  I never knew I would enjoy living in so much solitude until we began this adventure.  I hope you find peace and joy in the works I create.  You will find most of my work is pastels, watercolor or photography, but I love to experiment with any medium I can find.  

I would love to chat with you about a special piece created just for you.  


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